About Discordservers.me

At discordservers.me we work everyday to be one of the best discord server lists. We created this website because a lot of the current popular discord lists have many flaws. Some of them only feature payed servers and or servers who were recently “bumped”. Bumping might be a good feature for server owners but it's hard to find good quality servers when the only algorithm in place is random bumping. We both offer an easy way to advertise your server and to find quality servers. We do this by using tags, descriptions, emotes, and other factors so you can easily appear in search results and search for discord servers to join. We have other interesting pages like the top 100 page and our giveaways page that you can checkout. We are going to keep updating this website frequently.

How do I contact you for partnerships/business offers?

Support Server: https://discord.gg/ZnwusVc

All personal information is not stored or looked at. All logins are processed through the App Discord.