Top 10 Anime Discord Servers

anime girl looking excited

Anime servers are quickly growing in popularity. In this article, I will be linking the best anime servers. I split my selection into Anime and Hentai. Only join the Hentai servers if your 18+!

Anime Section:
  1. Anime Soul
  2. Description: With over 200,000 Members, anime soul is the biggest anime server. They have great emotes, and an active chat.

  3. Anime Squad
  4. Description: Anime Squad is a fun Anime Server. They have have global emotes, anime emotes, giveaways, and seasonal events for cash prizes! Friendly and active community.

  5. Sakura Onsen
  6. Description: Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Great for enjoying yourself while making new friends. They appreciate artwork so feel free to share.

  7. Secret Lab
  8. Description: A great server for Anime, Manga, League, and Demon Slayer. They also have anime specific Global Emotes.

    Hentai (18+):
  9. The Hentai Culture
  10. Description: With over 18,000 members, Hentai Culture is one of the biggest Hentai servers. Its a server for literally all your Hentai Needs.

  11. The Hentai Enthusiasts
  12. Description:


There are many other interesting Anime Servers. If you want to browse other options go to our full list:
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