Top 10 Dating Servers (18+)

discord dating representation

Dating servers are quickly gaining popularity on discord. In this article, I will be linking the most active discord dating servers.

  1. Lust (Discord Server)
  2. Description: With over 100,000 Members Lust is the best place on discord for Hookups.

  3. Nameless but great (Discord Server)
  4. Description: This active server is very NSFW with a lot of porn, only 18+.

  5. Lewd City (Discord Server)
  6. Description: The most Active Dating/NSFW Community.

  7. Eye Candy (Discord Server)
  8. Description: This servers a smaller community, if you prefer knowing everybody.

  9. Waifu Worshipping (Discord Server)
  10. Description: A Porn/Hentai Discord Server with frequent fun events

  11. Luscious (Discord Server)
  12. Description: A friendly Server with a tight, welcoming, & accepting community.


There are many other Dating Servers. If you want to browse other options go to our full list:
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