Top 10 Pokemon Servers

eevee and pikatchu sitting next to eachother

Pokemon Discord Servers have been quickly gaining popularity on discord. We have listed the 10 most active and unique servers:

  1. Eevee's Mystery Dungeon
  2. Description: Eevee's Mystery Dungeon is a Huge Pokemon-themed social server. Their main goal is to provide a fun, active place for people to hang out and make friends.

  3. Pokeverse Chapter 2
  4. Description: Pokeverse is the biggest pokemon game on discord where you can Spawn, Battle, Catch, Breed Pokemon! Travel, Gyms, Regions, Shiny, Bosses, Megas, Forms, and much more.

  5. Pokemon Roleplay (18+)
  6. Description: The most Active Pokemon Roleplay Community.

  7. Pokemon Go
  8. Description: The Biggest Pokemon Go Server, for raids, trades, and PvP.

  9. Catch 'Em All
  10. Description: Catch them all is by far the biggest Pokemon discord server, boasting over 50,000 members. It's a very active Pokemon community.


There are many other Pokemon Servers. If you want to browse other options go to our full list:
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