Ways to Quickly Grow a Discord Server

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Hello everyone my name is Henry, today I’ll be talking about how I grew my server to 15,000 members in a few months.

Method 1: Adding your server to lists

Some of the best free advertising opportunities are Discord Server Lists. Server lists sorted by size:
1) https://discordservers.me/
2) https://discord.me/servers
3) https://discordservers.com/

Method 2: Organize Events

With Discord bots, you can organize trivia games, listen to music together, or just host fun community-based events. By organizing these, your server's members will tell their friends about these events too, and your server will get a lot more exposure as a result.
This is a great bot for fun events:
1) https://dankmemer.lol/

Method 3: Giveaways

I created this method because I needed a way to get members quickly. Message other owners to create a partnered giveaway. For users to win the giveaway, they must join all the servers participating, making communities help each other grow.