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Calamity Mod Discord

The official Discord server for the Terraria mod Calamity, and the most up-to-date source for all information surrounding it.

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The Calamity Mod Discord is the official server of the namesake mod for the sandbox game Terraria. Being one of the most expansive ones available, Calamity offers a rather hefty amount of content to sink your teeth into after you've grown tired of the base game.
The server for it acts a gateway to all endorsed related servers, harbors direct updates to the mod and channels for; general discussion of the mod, the main game itself or even other mods, suggesting any ideas you may have for improving the mod in any of its diverse facets, reporting bugs and of course, inquiring for help should you ever get lost.
If you hold any interest in our community be it as a seasoned player of the game or a complete newcomer to it or the modding scene, please feel free to hop in and maybe even stick around if it's to your liking.