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Thirsty Rebels

Thirsty Rebels is a fun, active community which is fairly new and mostly specializes in gaming, it's a server for everyone to make friends with, chill and socialize about the things you like.

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Thirsty Rebels is a gaming community started in July 2017. It all started with a bunch of YouTubers and Twitch Streamers who felt like talking to each other. After several weeks we decided to open up the server for public and create our own gaming servers. This will allow streamers to play with their viewers.

The transition to the new community was announced on multiple platforms and we’ve expanded heavily. We can say that we have a community of around the 200 members coming from countries all over the world! We are very happy to see that we have a lot of people joining our community and can happily say we are working tirelessly in order to better our community and to make it even bigger!