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Atty's Love Palace (18+)

The best DDLG and CGL community on discord. Tons of events, minecraft server, D&D and more. Official home of

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The official discord of, our community is simply the creme de la creme of discord fetish communities. We're focused mainly on DDLG and CGL, but everyone's welcome! We host multiple events each week such as game nights, movie nights, D&D games, etc. We even host our own private 18+ minecraft server where members can battle zombies and express their boundless creativity! Our staff are experienced and capable, and we run a very tight ship, while maintaining a light touch with our users, so you won't feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells. Our goal is to keep the creeps and predators out, and the cool people in, and we do a pretty good job of that! If you had weird and crappy experiences in other discord communities because of toxic users, power-tripping mods, etc, then you're home now! Just click that link, post up a quick intro and start making new friends!