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Les Mondes de Beer | The Worlds of Beer

[FR/EN]My own discord, where we talk about everything and also about my RPG Maker game & Ethernium CG ; my own LackeyCCG Plugin.

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This FR/EN server is a chill server i made and where i share nearly everything. I am BeerMoney, a french memer who do some stupids and unknown things like RPG Maker games, a LackeyCCG plugin, some badly done covers on a Synthesizer and other things. I also play few games like Shadowverse where i played as a semi-professional around a year ago and other things like that. We have some nice emojis, especially some french ones like the "AH !" of a known guy in the FR Community who's named Denis Brogniart. (which is the presenter of a french show)

Have fun on my server !