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Land of Bawb

Giveaways, caption contests, video games, livestreams, videos, and a cool community to talk about it all with!

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Welcome to my Discord server! Here we talk about gaming, music, do contests, giveaways, and other fun stuff. It's mostly a server where I can communicate with people who watch my streams and videos, but it can also be a place for you to just hang out and chill if you're not into that sort of thing. Who am I? Why, I am the great BillehBawb of course! Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator, and game developer, I basically just do whatever I want. I stream almost every day, so when I go live I will tag everyone in the stream announcements channel. If you don't want stream notifications, you can mute that channel. If I post a new video, make an update to a code thing I have made, or there is some other general announcement it will be in the general announcements channel. This doesn't happen too often, so you shouldn't be spammed with notifications from that channel too much. If you're into gaming, contests, and giveaways, or are just looking for a pretty great new content creator to watch and become friends with, this is the place for you.