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Hapii’s Imagination Land

A small art community server that provides a wide variety of art channels and fun bots to mess around with!

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Hapii’s Imagination Land is a small art community server centered around art of all kinds.
We provide channels for mediums such as: 2D media, music, writing, animation, 3D crafts/sculpting, cooking and more!
We also provide fun bots to mess around with like Pokécord, ToddBot, and our own server exclusive Kat Bot that shares great cat pictures and memorable quotes.
We also host movie nights and game tournaments from time to time, with a master list of movies you’re always welcome to suggest for, and games such as pokemon (via pokemon showdown), and Pictionary! (via

Our small community is full of friendly and fun people and we strive to have an open and chill environment within the server.
We do have rules and security in place to make sure everything stays in order.

Hopefully you’ll find that this place will be a great spot to share art and have lots of fun!