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Tofu Arcade

Tofu Arcade is a chill and interactive server that was made to promote the owner's artwork (the owner is an artist) and other people's creations, and to form an active and loving community.

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I, TheTofuBoi, have a dream to become an artist and I created this server to share what I love to do and inspire others. I know that others have dreams that they want to achieve, and I hope that I can promote what they love to do as well to the world through this server. If you have anything you want to share to others that you think deserves to be seen, then come check this server out. I also do art comissions so if you're interested, you should join this server (I'm not a full fledged artist so art comissions are pretty cheap). Additionally, I try my best to keep this server active and interactive; we have contests and giveaways where can you win real money, fun events, interactive would-you-rather questions, and more! There is also a ranking system where you get different ranks based on what level you are, and there are some really nice art banners made for each rank. It would be awesome if you checked us out, we'd love to see you here.