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Monsterhearts is a game about relationships. All the characters are creatures like werewolves and vampires trying to fit into normal life. Think Buffy or Supernatural.

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We have something a little unique here, a persistent world type of game with numerous players. It will be set to est, but we have players from all over the world, so hopefully as we gain more and more players there will never be a time when the isn’t any one online. You choose the date and time of individual scenes but never set further ahead than the current date. The story will be completely player driven, people will join and start connecting via character creation. I encourage social players who will want to work with other players during their creation to create dynamic relationships that could be romantic or toxic and dangerous.
As players begin to gather story threads with each other perhaps common themes will arise common enemies, common allies. Supernaturals sometimes interact kindly, sometimes hostilely.
As far as theme , Buffy , The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, Bitten, The Magicians Apprentice, If its strange, dark, fun and has the occasional (often semi-permanent) death then it’s right on par. If your interested in that kind of gameplay then this game is going to be for you. Whether you are the monster or the hunter, you realize death is a very permanent solution and often comes with heavy consequences of its own. I really hope this sounds interesting to some of you. I really want something that I can hop on and do and play with people who just want some good old text based storytelling. PVP (pc vs pc) is a tiny part of part of Monsterhearts and killing a PC should really be reserved for dramatic scenes in which both players agree a death makes the most sense for an awesome story. If anyone needs a tutorial on how to do anything in game just hop into the discord and say hi! Our fantastic community will help you step by step!