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Juicy TV

The home of the one of the best(if not "the best") PUBGM streamer! Join us now to experience a whole new world of amazingness. Also the only server with a PUBG related game bot!!

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Yes, you are at the right place. This is the server where Gods have cherished the land!
The tips on how to become a PRO flow like crazy in this little space.
And what's more awesome?
We have our own bot which has many interesting features!!

From Rainbow Roles to PUBG Discord(A game made by AXVin#2130), you will find everything here.

Why you wasting time in trying to get those solo chicken dinners when you can hop into a squad? We provide server based pings so that no one has to play alone(i know that feeling, oof)

Also if you want to do some RPG then we have our emoji slots filled to the brim, just to accommodate that fun.

Soon we may have global emotes for twitch subs of XJuicyFruitZ!!

Jump right it and say Hello to fellow members of the Juicy world, a world where everyone gets to enjoy!!