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Bal’s Rainbow Island

A friendly server for all! We have gamers, artists, Twitch streamers and more! We offer events such as karaoke and movie nights! It's pretty much a personal and public safe-place for anyone who joins!

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Have you ever watched iiSuperwomanii? Heard some of Kesha's new songs? If so you probably know how important Unicorn Island and the color of the rainbow is to each of them. I wanted my own happy place like Unicorn Island and also invent the rainbow in my life, so -BOOM- came the idea of Rainbow Island!

I went through some pretty tough things recently and wanted to make myself a safe haven I once lost... My Rainbow Island is open to anyone who feels like the entire world works against them, we're all outcasts here, who found a place we can call home. Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, 90% of the server is LGBTQA+ *cough* just had to address that...

A little about me, I guess? I'm a Twitch Affiliate who needs to get his ish together and stream a lot more, that's for sure! I'm truly a special kind of weirdo. Anime boys from video games are my passion, Persona 5 is my breakfast, lunch and dinner, yes, MY LIFE IS PERSONA AND I WANT NOTHING ELSE TO DO! Oh boy, I am slightly obsessed with that game... Aside from my interests such as: gaming, art, music, photography and entertainment, I have something else to offer.

I went up against depression in a fight and managed to come out on top, and then came my lying, cheating, sex obsessed ex who gently grabbed me by the balls and threw me back in that deep dark cave again. We all have stories to tell, but not a lot of people who listen. I'm here for you. I fought it and came out on top. I won't promise that I can help you but I will try. I am not a psychiatrist, but I *can* tell you my story, and you *can* learn from that story. This is why I made this server, not just for myself, but for others as well. Now, you see, there is no chat room in the server where you can share your stories, because of some bad experiences I had with it when I worked with a much bigger server, but my DMs are always open and I can promise to listen and try to help you. I hope you'll like my server, have a fantastic day! ^-^