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Musical Embassy

Welcome to the Musical Embassy! This is where music fans and creators come together to form a great community. For fans, we supply the most chill music from the underdog musicians.

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The Musical Embassy is music creation and enjoyment community! 🎧 Whether a beginner or expert, we'd love to listen and give feedback to your music! 👍 Need to grow a fanbase? We got you covered! 👏 Need help or advice on being in the music industry? We're here for you! 😃 Want to promote your track? We encourage it! 🙌 Do you just want to sit back and enjoy what artists are creating? That's fine with us! 😌 If it means taking time out of our day to make each other a better producer/artist than they were yesterday, then that's our mission.

What makes Musical Embassy different from any other music server? 🤔
Great question! While our neighboring servers share many similarities, our server is focused on the fun of music, instead of technical aspects. No, that doesn't mean you can't be technical, in fact we have many professional resources for you to select from.

How big is the server? 🤔
So far we are not so huge, but we strive for a better community over a bigger community!

Other reasons you should join the community:

➪Social media promotion!

➪Easy server support!

➪We partner with labels, servers, and more!

➪Mods looking out for the community!

We can't wait to see you here! 👊