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BangBot's Globe

Main server for a bot

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Well, I don't have really much explanations about this server, it's dead and abandoned for awhile now and I've came back due to the fact that I've been sick for a long time but this server is for a bot, which you can say is a main server for a bot named BANG Bot which is an RPG Bot unique in its own ways, you can chat and meet new friends in this server, I don't really have much explanations for now on but still, one of the Board Of Directors which is a role from my server created the server description but isn't given the very general information that everyone is supposed to know about so I'll post it here now

BangBot's Globe

BangBots Globe is for @everyone, we bring a wide range of events, giveaways and more. We are a new community who are looking for people to bring something new to Discord. We have people who have all sorts of backgrounds which you can really get to know.

What we bring:

⊡ Friendly and upbring staff who are motivated to help each and everyone no matter what trouble you might face.
⊡ Giveaways for bots
⊡ Music VC
⊡ Gaming Area for all you people who play games and want to team up with someone.
⊡ Friendly environment
⊡ Events
≛ Now, come on and join the movement and be a part of the BangBot's Globe today! ≛