Anime Discord Server List

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83 members
13 emotes

If you're an epic GAMEr, you should join this server!! We GAME 24/4 in here and share our spicy memes!!

81 members
16 emotes

(React to Roles to enter) Shortly : ANIME , GAMES , MEMES and JAPANESE LESSONS. NSFW accepted. Stop by for a while >(...

81 members
44 emotes

Touhou and anime art-posting server, with lots of music recommendations if you need something new to listen to!

50,119 members
137 emotes

4chan discord for chatting, gaming, anime, music and many other things.

81 members
36 emotes

13+ hangout server. we welcome anyone

81 members
1 emotes

Fun+friendly server for making friends or maybe even a little bit more than that ;)

1,220 members
55 emotes

The Lord Cthulhu commands you to indoctrinate into the cult of his most loyal subjects, if you refuse you will be pla...

80 members
75 emotes

This is a chill, cozy community, where you can make new friends and talk anything from anime to kpop to art, anything...

80 members
53 emotes

"TES server but actual free speech" "Small passionate elder scrolls server for sharing, discussions, modding, art, et...

80 members
43 emotes

This is a friendly discord server for people who are trying to make new friends or just hang out!

78 members
50 emotes

A chill place with not many rules. In fact! That’s our main rule: Don’t Make Rules! Just Use Common Sense™ ANIME MEME...