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82 members
37 emotes

13+ hangout server. we welcome anyone

82 members
26 emotes

Welcome to the Advertising server! You can advertise anything from your Discord server, to your YouTube channel/socia...

82 members
75 emotes

This is a chill, cozy community, where you can make new friends and talk anything from anime to kpop to art, anything...

80 members
44 emotes

Touhou and anime art-posting server, with lots of music recommendations if you need something new to listen to!

80 members
50 emotes

Join our Miku themed server. We talk about Miku 24/7. SFW server! No shitpost, no cancer.

244 members
85 emotes

Greetings Resident, Welcome to the Ark! Aboard the good ship Mira's Ark, you will be able to communicate with a vast...

80 members
57 emotes

We invite you to visit F.S.A., one of the few alchemy servers available on Discord. If you have good basic knowledge ...

80 members
4 emotes

A discord community about all sorts of artists! We encourage making friends, learning, and having fun.

79 members
67 emotes

Multipurpose server, chill and nice people here!