Gaming Discord Server List

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1,747 members
48 emotes

One of the largest Steam communities in Russia and the CIS.

1,729 members
11 emotes

Warfare, a server that is quickly becoming one of the most notable discord servers, is a server that is quickly becom...

1,701 members
29 emotes

Advertise your Youtube and Twitch. Get advice and feedback for your channels. Growing community. Active staff.

1,699 members
100 emotes

Сообщество FURRY / ФУРРИ в России (Russian FURRY community). Интересные обсуждения, ролевые игры, ивенты, стримы, биб...

1,639 members
34 emotes

Adobe Systems community for people of all skill levels. New to Adobe? Experienced with all the Adobe software? You're...

1,599 members
79 emotes

Welcome to Oppa's Academy! We are a wholesome community, welcoming all types of users!

2,746 members
87 emotes

Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Enjoy yourself while making new friends. We appreciate artwork so feel free to sha...

1,594 members
65 emotes

Self promotional Streamers discord

1,573 members
50 emotes

Deutscher (Dota 2) Discord Server

663 members
95 emotes

Wicked is a community comprised of gamers from every walk of life.

1,531 members
50 emotes

Gaming and Socializing. When you're unable to game and only have your phone, we have a direct feed of the hottest mem...