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A small art community server that provides a wide variety of art channels and fun bots to mess around with!

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Roles self-assignable to avoid mass pings. Also Announce temporarily free games to add to steam library!

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Join our server if you love hentai! And talk to people who also love hentai!

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an awesome server to join XD

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Two Aussies run a community server, hilarity ensues.

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Join as a member, stay as a friend. We have a currency system where you can buy roles, custom colours, and even custo...

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This server has one text channel and one voice channel, nothing more. There are no rules other than that you must be ...

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Server for everyone to have fun and chat in. We're all friends here!

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We are a new, small community of friends that are expanding! We have an active chat, active voice chat, daily activit...

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If you're an epic GAMEr, you should join this server!! We GAME 24/4 in here and share our spicy memes!!