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14,766 members
239 emotes

HUGE Giveaways 🎉 , Active Chats 💬 , NSFW Content 🔞 & much more! The Assembly is a place to build as a community.

70,365 members
425 emotes


62,547 members
500 emotes

Earn anything up to 5 USD and more, just by talking with wonderful people!

56,528 members
250 emotes

4chan discord for chatting, gaming, anime, music and many other things.

1,635 members
442 emotes

🌸・Welcoming Friendly Community ♡ Active chats 🥟 300+ Cute Emotes ♡ Fun bots 🥢 Anime 🍣 Art ♡ Fun Events 🍜 Join us and me…

54,591 members
114 emotes

This server is not for you. Please do not join.

45,960 members
73 emotes

Server of 35,000+ people with a niche community that likes memes!

44,296 members
500 emotes

💎 Giveaways 💎 🥰 500 Emotes 🥰 ❤️ Verified Nude Selling ❤️ 🧡 Free Hentai | Nudes | Content 🧡 💛 Lots of channels and bots.…

43,548 members
181 emotes

3 Global Emotes! 🌎🌎 | Chill community | 24/7 lofi music channel🎵 | Meme feed 📰 | Nitro and Steam Giveaways! | Dank Meme…

42,048 members
39 emotes

The official hangout to KawaiiBot, the kawaii bot with fun commands.

41,414 members
500 emotes

✧ Welcome to Paradise! ✧ We're an active, friendly community server where you can chill, make friends, and more! We hav…

40,434 members
57 emotes

This kid Jaymusta's Twitch server

38,709 members
1984 emotes

A dedicated Among Us Server with an active community where you can find other people to play with!

38,630 members
86 emotes

100 of dankest and rarest emotes of Pepe's son Peepo. Links to multiple other emote servers.

780 members
405 emotes

A place for adults to chill, vibe, and play games together!

38,590 members
183 emotes

THE Hentai Emoji/Emote Server! Full of all kinds of SFW, NSFW, LEWD and AHEGAO emojis!

36,985 members
300 emotes

Server for memes and shit 35k+

36,673 members
411 emotes

Ice Cream: we offer active general chatr, shop, gambling and roles! Emojis, many roles roleplay, Join our friendly comm…

35,384 members
452 emotes

A fun social anime/manga based community for otakus, artists, and gamers. Dedicated to meeting others & making friends!

34,339 members
418 emotes

Active Text and Voice Call chill social gaming memes instagram snapchat reddit twitter community, friendly hot female s…

32,364 members
500 emotes

Fallen is an anime and gaming community. We want to give people the chance to find new friends, play around with alot o…