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21 members
1 emotes

Meme, music, madness, and more!

21 members
3 emotes

Wargon is a place where modern tech and fantasy meat having a nice selection of races and fair and nice mods

20 members
0 emotes

Community server, no rules, basicly nothing can get you banned.

20 members
25 emotes

its a shitty server with no goals but we're here for a good time not a long time

20 members
41 emotes

If your device is broken, Wreck the Tech is the place to go! Computers to phones will (hopefully) be fixed.

20 members
4 emotes

Hi! We're a nice and organized server about hosting communities, hanging out, playing games, and sharing all the stuf...

22,302 members
80 emotes


5,163 members
57 emotes

Amazing emotes server based around spongebob

20 members
53 emotes

Actually new holy Discord server for your religious friends

19 members
1 emotes

Chill here Gay, lesbian,we accept anyone, and owner is always avalible but before you DM me make sure to ask helpers,...