Music Discord Server List

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В первую очередь ламповый текстовый чат. Просто общение, и размышление на глубокие темы. Сервер ориентирован на качес...

949 members
51 emotes

Zula Europe Community server for Zula Europe.

1,052 members
50 emotes

Gaming and Socializing. When you're unable to game and only have your phone, we have a direct feed of the hottest mem...

402 members
71 emotes

AlertBot Services! Global support server for AlertBot security bot!

949 members
40 emotes

We are a non-toxic server made for people who are looking to make new friends and to have a fun time! We offer channe...

939 members
35 emotes

We love to see musicians evolve!

914 members
35 emotes

The server is all about PUBGM and hanging out,playing and tourneys!!!!

899 members
51 emotes

An open discussion server with few limits. All are welcome!

861 members
80 emotes

Welcome to Hell! A server with a hellish aesthetic. An active and growing community. RP section, music sessions and m...

841 members
45 emotes

Причина создания сервера, собрать в поклонников аниме и геймеров со всего мира! Это даст возможность подружиться с лю...

689 members
46 emotes

Support server for lesbians and bisexual females (women who loves women).

658 members
24 emotes

A discord server for roblox players.