Music Discord Server List

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A Server for everyone and anyone interested in a lot of things! We are filled with SOMEWHAT unique content, plenty of...

1,809 members
51 emotes

♡ KPOP Lounge is a server which shows love and support to all Korean Artists!

1,600 members
41 emotes

Fun, Kind, Loving and Welcoming furry community open to furs and non furs. We are all here to have a great time and g...

1,431 members
42 emotes

Bangladeshi Gaming community. also can join India & Pakistan friends.

1,396 members
51 emotes

Active and rapidly growing server full of loser e-girls and orbiters. ○ Freaky E-Girls, Active VC ○ Ani-Emojis,...

1,391 members
100 emotes

Brand new server dedicated to vaporwave aesthetics and music! Very fun interactions with react roles and bots! Explor...

1,278 members
34 emotes

IRL NSFW Content Server with real girls and real nudes

1,242 members
24 emotes

A server for people who like the KPOP group BTS or want to join a community with chill people.

1,217 members
46 emotes

Deutscher (Dota 2) Discord Server

16,207 members
80 emotes