Gamer Discord Server List

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A UBGE é uma enorme comunidade de jogadores, que está em constante evolução. Hospedamos servidores,…

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This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other members, and mak…

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A fun social anime/manga based community for otakus, artists, and gamers. Dedicated to meeting othe…

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Xeno eSports is a competitive Modern Warfare team. Our goal is to become the best of the best throu…

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Xero eSports is an organization that is looking for players and striving to be the best.

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New Server with almost 1k. Community/Gaming server with something for everyone. Very fun time and e…

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1620 Kings is a OCE Based esports team with both a competitive team and content creator team in a v…

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Gaming Communiyu with Giveaways

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We are a small tight-knit community of gamers in Malaysia. Sertailah komuniti kami!

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🐣Hey 👋🏻 ! We are a gamer girl only server 😎| Hang out and safe place for gamer girls 🏳️‍🌈| LGBTQ…

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Memer Space is the space to chat about anything. Fun level bots, special meme channels and more..

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❀ RetroGirly is a safe space for females on Discord! ❀