Language Discord Server List

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A cosy and friendly server for those who are learning Russian. We are heavily focused on learning, …

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Hello, fellow language lovers! It is set up like a language exchange. You teach people your native …

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Learn & practice Dutch with native speakers and learners! Ask questions about the language, culture…

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Linguaholic is the hottest language learning community on Discord. Meet language enthusiasts from a…

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Hi! We are a language learning discord supplying you with a place to communicate with natives and l…

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Discord directory of online communities; anarchist/socialist, vegan/freegan, atheist/religious, lan…

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We welcome you to our server, we have many emotes, friendly members memes and more!

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Family friendly Minecraft server with a close-knit and caring community and friendly and helpful st…

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Welcome to The Church. A place to meet others, share things you enjoy, discuss politics, or view N/…

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Join our language learning community now and improve your English / Spanish!

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Isla Irridia is a Community Network for Dinosaur Fans and Dinosaur Games. (:

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The Japan Zone is a Japanese language learning server, where our goal is to reach a high-level in t…