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362 members
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- Parcerias On - Sorteios e eventos valendo cargos ou robux - Staff ativa 24h - Servidor organizado…

344 members
103 emotes

We welcome you to our server, we have many emotes, friendly members memes and more!

203 members
38 emotes

Nice Community. Respectful Staff Team. Meme Channels. Partner Channel. Counting Channel. Invite Rew…

108 members
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We welcome support and encouragement within our community and aim to have a thriving place for peop…

102 members
100 emotes

Director Division, the ultimate discord server which contains everything! From gaming, to radios, t…

92 members
58 emotes

Semi active, low moderation. We are a new active server with giveaways and active chats. Advertise …

81 members
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Gaming community. Majority play D2 and CS:GO. Always looking for new members, Very friendly.

60 members
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Come join us here at Project 8. Coolest server in existence 😎

55 members
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Hello and welcome to Struzz we provide alot of stuff for you so if u want join our community and ch…

49 members
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This server is for content creators and viewers alike to join, chat and have fun! We have lots to d…

43 members
18 emotes

𝐑𝟑𝐊𝐀𝐆𝐄 • Friendly, welcoming and for mostly everyone. • Self-Assignable roles • Includes many fando…

24 members
50 emotes

Home to all anime and gaming topics! Waifu gacha and RPG bots too! And don’t forget dank memes!! If…