Lonely Discord Server List

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Lonely is a social ground for members to be able to be themselves and meet new friends! We have ple…

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This is just voice channel. Only join if you talk through mic.

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✩゚+..。✩゚+..。* Welcome to PenguinHub! ゚+.✩.。 **゚+..。✩ We are a strictly non-toxic, wholesome, SFW …

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A community driven on providing a safe space for others with mental illnesses. ♥

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— fizzy! %%% ☾﹒low mod server ☾﹒aesthetic ☾﹒soda/sweet theme ☾﹒chill ☾ . new server »»————-  —…

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A magical server to find friends and connect with people in a fun way! 1:1 FEMALE to MALE ratio! EV…

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.・゜゜・⛧ Welcome!! ⛧ ・゜゜・. ✧ We're a small server but growing! We have some really friendly people w…

💙server offers a genuine place to chat for just about anyone:)) so consider joining!

Welcome to Dream Island, a small yet growing server dedicated to meeting new people! This server ha…