Weed Discord Server List

Welcome to Midnight Tokers, a large 18+ server for stoners of all places. We have a large welcoming community of member…

1,171 members
39 emotes

NSFW Social Community

345 members
12 emotes

Menace of Sobriety is a community based server to meet new people & chat actively, Has lots of custom roles & text chan…

8 members
0 emotes

This is the official Smokeski community discord. Lounge for all smokeski & stoner related things, come chill!

88 members
23 emotes

Join the fight against weed! Support fellow gamers.

694 members
50 emotes

a welcoming, positive, and friendship-oriented space where everyone can fit in, our goal is to make a fun enjoyable ser…

24 members
0 emotes

A 420 family! Come and talk to us about growing, consuming or just want to chill and blaze, video game even, we are the…

121 members
5 emotes

Cannabis Community for lovers of weed alike! A place to discuss cannabis in all ways. If you are a cannabis content cre…

24 members
24 emotes

Come Join us in The Vibe as we share memes, play video games, and smoke weed

1,332 members
166 emotes

Psychotopia is a 16+ gathering place for people with like minded interests surrounding: creativity, psychedelics and su…

1,210 members
44 emotes

A memorable mercurial gathering for jaded technojunkies that share an impression of oneness.

967 members
29 emotes

chill and friendly stoner server