Weed Discord Server List

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A memorable mercurial gathering for jaded technojunkies that share an impression of oneness.

953 members
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A drug recovery server for addicts of all types

709 members
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Psychotopia is a 16+ gathering place for people with like minded interests surrounding: creativity,…

575 members
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A unique-themed that incorporates community, nsfw & weed in one! Strict 18+ policy in order to view…

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A Sanctuary for 21+ Users That Just Want a Place to Chill in the Beginning and End of the Day

471 members
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We are a community of Smokers, Gamers, Movies Watchers, Music Lovers, and Chill fun people of all k…

432 members
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a welcoming, positive, and friendship-oriented space where everyone can fit in, our goal is to make…

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This server Is 18+. Hello! Welcome to the Bakery, This community is dedicated to a peaceful and non…

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We host THE BEST GTA 5 meets pc!

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chill and friendly stoner server

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Join the fight against weed! Support fellow gamers.

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Cannabis Community for lovers of weed alike! A place to discuss cannabis in all ways. If you are a …