Top 100 Biggest Discord Servers

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23,213 members
85 emotes

Welcome to Chillbar! ❤ An active server based around meeting new people and having a good time in general! ✦ 24/7 VC ...

20,276 members
80 emotes

A fan of My Hero Academia? Join the official Partnered My Hero Academia server!

19,256 members
97 emotes

Do you still want your Global Emotes? We in this server work together to find these gems and share them with each oth...

13,523 members
100 emotes

♕ Socialize ♕ A rapidly growing social discord with over 14,000 members! ☆ Active Voice Calls ☆ Text Chats ☆ Giveawa...

18,685 members
37 emotes

The greatest furry Discord server and community! Over 17k users.

18,413 members
57 emotes

Multiple artists gathering in one spot to advertise their commissions service. They offer drawing/graphic service. Co...

17,739 members
13 emotes

Largest Hytale Server 17k+ Members

17,592 members
26 emotes

The official Discord server for Your source for Fortnite scrims on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; LFG and scrims ...

15,461 members
60 emotes

welcome everyone new server enjoy Free roles Free Ranks

149 members
61 emotes

18+, nsfw, movie nights, gaming - pubg, fortnite, ring of elysium, battlefield, Madden NFL, music, memes, drinking, r...