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Official Server for The Cutest Discord Bot - Music, Fun, Jokes, Server Management, Games, and much more!

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an emote server and also a fun server to join

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Multiple artists gathering in one spot to advertise their commissions service. They offer drawing/graphic service. Co...

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2 Servers in one, NSFW part and normal part one of the most organized discord out there, with a great community and a...

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Friendly and open community for adults. We host weekly events, have active vc, gaming and much more! Come by and say ...

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Guitar and music

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Weeb Kingdom is a growing active community that unites anime fans and gamers. We also have a forum which extends our ...

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The Lucky 38 is a ballin' server with weekly giveaways, custom bots, gambling, XP, and a growing community. Come and ...

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We love to see musicians evolve!

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Furries and furry porn. nsfw content is optional :)

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Steam Artwork and Gaming Server. Come join us to chat and enjoy yourself!