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Discord Server List

70 members
22 emotes

CG is a server for people looking to meet new people, discuss games or find people to play with! Ou…

8,557 members
229 emotes

Welcome to PetChat! We are a social environment to discuss and share with the Internet your favorit…

132 members
41 emotes

Chill Discord Gamers,Anime lovers Anyone Who Needs Some Team Mates Or Friends

101 members
2 emotes

We pretty much do everything in this server; game, anime, streaming, role play. you name it! We hav…

52 members
8 emotes

Friendly Gaming - Come join a fresh and growing server.

101 members
58 emotes

Zoinked is for anyone but we are heavily gamer focused! We play every game you can imagine! Join fo…

99 members
44 emotes

New fresh growing community ! Looking for gamers wanting to go pro !

187 members
33 emotes

Join or you are gay

50 members
0 emotes

free pizza and little gta5 stuff

29 members
17 emotes

Steven Universe Fandom! A place where all Steven Universe fans can have fun and make friends and ra…

91 members
0 emotes

We are a Gaming Community where you can come be yourself and be apart of a welcoming community! I o…

76 members
40 emotes

We are very friendly. We are always active on the server. non-toxic people too for the clan. Active…