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400 members
97 emotes

Cozy laid-back art sharing server for those wanting to make some new friends, share ideas, or just …

400 members
102 emotes

Hello and welcome to Otaku United! This server is mostly for weebs and for the Anime Soul Shoob bot…

113 members
138 emotes

☆▪︎° Welcome to Quarantine N Chill a place for all ages to just chill and make memories with eachot…

341 members
186 emotes

An 18+ gaming, socializing and e-dating community.

109 members
55 emotes

A small server that I'm hoping to turn into an awesome community would really like to make a bunch …

1,081 members
200 emotes

(French Discord) 🌆 9PM 🌆 ◽ Serveur d'anime français ◽ Chanteurs 🎤 Music 🎶 Anime 🈚 Manga 🈺 Gaming 🎮…

1,540 members
650 emotes

From the ashes rises Inferno™️! This server is run by staff and members from the beloved meme page …

54,945 members
201 emotes

4chan discord for chatting, gaming, anime, music and many other things.

A new 18+ chill server that host giveaways at the specific milestones. Come hang out with us!

102 members
45 emotes

A social network for rappers, producers, and hip hop enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, sell beat…

Welcome to the White Rose!, We are a small server with a nice community. This is a place where you …

737 members
71 emotes

Remorse, Inc - state of the art social server.