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Welcome to VastGG! We are a collective community of gamers, coming together to talk everything gaming and esports. W...

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Ping & Salar's Emote List is a list of all known discord servers with Gamewisp and Mixer global emotes for Discord. W...

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Discord server for @yourlordandsaviormemejesus on Instagram. Come join our active, unique, and friendly community!

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Anime, Manga, and 3 global emotes

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an emote server and also a fun server to join

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Global Emotes and Giveaways

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| ✨ 16+ ✨ | An open armed community wanting to grow and connect with one another! ◾ Community ◽ Emojis ◽ Events ◽ Pok...

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Fun, Memes, Community and more!

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Skarz's dream world is a fun server with giveaways, events and 6 global emotes that you can use without nitro!

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very big server, NSFW focused wtih a lot of NUDES hookups hentai porn places where people can rate you and a lot more...

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Largest Military & Veterans Gaming Group in the Nation! Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard

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sfw and nsfw social non toxic gaming community server nudes teases hang out anti social lewds fortnite league overwat...