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Discord server for @yourlordandsaviormemejesus on Instagram. Come join our active, unique, and friendly community!

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an emote server and also a fun server to join

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Global Emotes and Giveaways

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A Cute Discord Server with Cute Pink Potatoes!

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Welcome to Teen Chat! This server is for meeting new people, talking to friends, finding and/or being with lovers, es...

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Welcome to Duckio's Discord. This is home of a YouTuber called Duckio. Here you'll find mostly .io game players, and ...

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Shortened Description: MyMBTI ~Do you want to finally be understood? MyMBTI is a multipurpose server dedicated to ...

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| ✨ 16+ ✨ | An open armed community wanting to grow and connect with one another! ◾ Community ◽ Emojis ◽ Events ◽ Pok...

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A server that has Daily Giveaways and Fun Events! Join for a great community and some free stuff!

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Long time growing and friendly community. We are an Asian, Anime, and Gaming discord. Over 1500 members. Join now and...