Memes Discord Server List

198,890 members
511 emotes

A meme server with a lot of special people! Everyone is welcome! We also have 5 global emotes.

161,429 members
267 emotes

ChillZone has 3 global emotes and is one of the most active, addicting, and unique servers on Dis...

151,094 members
393 emotes

Discord’s Most Active Server with 150,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (200-3...

2,116 members
29 emotes

Hello, fellow language lovers! It is set up like a language exchange. You teach people your nativ...

150,706 members
240 emotes

Active Pokecord/Dank Memer & Social Channels, We're looking for new members!

132,623 members
103 emotes

Frog's Dream World is one of the OG servers of discord. Started in September of 2017, we've been ...

115,479 members
225 emotes

Discord server for Instagram @yourlordandsaviormemejesus. #1 most active Discord server in text c...

101,570 members
317 emotes

Insanely active community, memes, weekly events, and fun! If you were looking for a meme communit...

93,714 members
195 emotes

★ Discord server for a Youtuber 'Softwilly.' Very active chat. Engaging Community. Community invo...

127 members
35 emotes

Quarantined? Bored? Come join our server to meet new people, play games, share memes, watch movie...

89,412 members
116 emotes

12 Global Emotes

59,097 members
487 emotes

Earn anything up to 5 USD and more, just by talking with wonderful people!