Minecraft Discord Server List

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61,285 members
282 emotes

Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Com...

399 members
28 emotes

The MOST Active Crypto-Currency Discord Server. We have giveaways, expert daily TA, price alerts, and, most important...

37,319 members
203 emotes

Server for memes and shit 35k+

25,113 members
242 emotes

The main hub for jojo on discord! Join to discuss the series or for our youtube channel, card game, minecraft server,...

14,887 members
339 emotes

Blossom Empire is a beautiful discord server for weeabos and normies alike who need a safe home with over 30,000 mess...

6,032 members
266 emotes

Come join 5000 other weebs, memes, and gamers in EasyWeeb!!! We're a super chill server with an active voice chat (Wo...

5,158 members
131 emotes

we are a small, friendly server zooming through the Discord cosmos. please read our rules, guidelines, and informatio...

3,379 members
191 emotes

Great community to chat, game and share what's going on!

2,877 members
53 emotes

We support tons of Games (Overwatch, Fortnite, MOBAs, Fighter Games), we host weekly community events, and have a Min...

JOIN language
170 members
97 emotes

Welcome to <3 DDLG 18+ This is a 18+ server for daddys and littles to meet and play. We have private channels for l...