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250,092 members
106 emotes

Many Global Emotes, you don't need Nitro to use them.

242,912 members
342 emotes

Anime Soul Discord - Partnered with Discord, Tier 3 server and 140,000+ members and counting!

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179,824 members
96 emotes

Ping & Salar's Emote List is a list of all known discord servers with Gamewisp and Mixer global emotes for Discord. W...

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159,467 members
510 emotes

A meme server with a lot of special people! Everyone is welcome! We also have 5 global emotes.

146,933 members
267 emotes

ChillZone has 3 global emotes and is one of the most active, addicting, and unique servers on Discord. Check our long...

130,677 members
193 emotes

Discord server for Instagram @yourlordandsaviormemejesus. #1 most active Discord server in text chat. Come join today...

105,768 members
102 emotes

an emote server and also a fun server to join

98,375 members
130 emotes

The official Discord server for /r/PathOfExile!

742 members
74 emotes

HaileyBot is a multipurpose bot with many of the "standard" commands, but what makes her truly unique are her one-of-...

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95,544 members
506 emotes

A very cute server with 2 Global Emotes. (≧◡≦) (´• ω •`) (◕‿◕)(´• ω •`) ♡ 🌺UWU PLEASE ADOPT ME🌺

222 members
3 emotes

Niclas World is a LGBTQ and furry friendly server for People to find Friends and gamer mates! 13+ age. We have react...