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16th Century Roleplay community, come drop by and check us out!

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The support server for the GamesROB Bot.

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The official server, and community server for the popular clicker/incremental economy bot Cafe!

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We make cool custom commands for Dyno that anyone can use. Join the server to get help with our commands, making your...

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The home of the one of the best(if not "the best") PUBGM streamer! Join us now to experience a whole new world of ama...

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Welcome to KPOP-O-Rama! We are a friendly community that revolves around KPOP. We offer many roles to suit your aesth...

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Engaging politics/current events/daily life discussions with arts and memes as well as a Minecraft Server to enjoy! J...

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AlertBot Services! Global support server for AlertBot security bot!

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A chill group of guys and gals that hangs out and plays all sorts of games including DayZ, PUBG, ARMA 3 and Ark Survi...

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A gamer/developer community mostly focused on development! Join to help and learn how to make discord bots!