Giveaway Discord Server List

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We chat about pretty much anything! We offer giveaways and art contests. We also post #memes. Hop on to enjoy!

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If ur bored join this server and chill!! And might even get new FRIENDS!!!

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🎉Giveaways🎉 ✨Custom Emotes✨ ❄️Server Artist❄️ 🌎Among Us🌎

18791 members
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Advertise your server to get new members on your server and grow your community.

196 members
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The #1 Stock Advising group to assist you through the rough markets! With a proven 91% success rate, we offer ENTIRELY …

756 members
77 emotes

A dedicated community to organizing the occasional HUGE steam events - we're behind Steam groups such as Saliens(2018) …

616 members
115 emotes

We are a friendly and supportive server that welcome's all members!

946 members
200 emotes

Animotes is a server full of anime related emotes with a great community behind it!

64 members
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| Gaming Sheet | Get us to know and join us now! :D ----Next-----

310 members
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Come join the gaming hub at the GSpot and find friends, socialize, and more.

444 members
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We've put together a community for the average gamer with an incredible community that's all about good vibes

16919 members
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A warm and friendly community! ⭐ Fun Nitro based events/giveaways! 🎉 Receive Nitro just by being active! 💸