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Frozen Tundra & Blood Moon

A small rp group started on kik a few years back!

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Welcome to Frozen Tundra, I am the Alpha, Bear Mac Dohmnaill , and it’s my pleasure to make your acquaintance. Below are some rules to guide you in your time here. I know its a lot but please take time and read them.


•Pay attention to admins and respect the hierarchy that has been set in place.
•Respect others and their boundaries.
•Please keep sexual role play, images and videos in direct message and only to those who want it.
•Must be 18 or older for access to adult content.
•When you've completed reading this post +getrole verified member in the new-member chat
•No suicide, self harm, killing your OC just to kill them, rape or joking of these things. You will be banned.
•You may choose from the following ranks (Lead positions are chosen by the admins):

Géard- Advanced Scouts
Pup Watcher

•You may have powers within reason.
•You may have additional OCs just indicate who’s talking.
•You are not allowed to fight out of rp or argue.
•Do not advertise you will be banned.
•Do not spam.
•Admins and the owner have the right to enforce implicit rules.
•You can be removed for conduct in direct message so long as screenshots are sent to an admin.
•Inactives will be removed periodically and are welcome to return when they become active.
***Final note, Discord or KIK TOS violations are a violation of this server’s rules. Offending users and posts will be removed.***